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Winter Mower Storage

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Fall is upon us with winter close behind. Time to put away those short sleeved shirts and Bermuda shorts and get out our cozy sweaters and corduroys.

For those of us who have lawns, that also means putting away the lawn mower until next spring and enjoying the extra time to relax. But, before you get too comfortable, take some time to properly store your mower. Here are a few easy steps that will protect your mower and save you money.

Store Your Mower Indoors

Whether you enjoy mowing or not, your lawn mower is an investment that needs to be protected. If you store it outside where it can be affected by the elements, you'll wind up having to replace that investment much sooner. Here are the two biggest culprits:


Just like our bodies need protection from the sun's harmful rays, your mower also needs protection. Sunlight can not only fade the paint and plastic parts on your mower, it can also weaken those parts and cause them to crack or break. Some of those parts can be pretty hard to replace because they aren't easy to find, which in the end will mean a bigger expense for you.

One of the parts on your mower that is the most susceptible to cracking is the seat. No one wants to sit on a cracked seat - it can be very uncomfortable and gross once rain starts collecting in the cushion.


Rain, sleet, and snow all will affect your mower's lifespan negatively by encouraging the development of rust. Rust will eat away at the metal parts of your machine and cause them to become more brittle.

Indoors where?

When we said store your mower indoors, we didn't mean your house!

Don't have anymore room in your garage or want a dedicated building to protect all of your outdoor investments? A shed is the perfect storage solution for your mower and can give you that extra room you need to keep your keepsakes safe.

Our storage buildings  come in a variety of sizes and configurations to help you select exactly what you need. Check out our catalog  or come visit one of our lots today to see the variety of options we offer.

Fill her up

Another way to protect your mower and save you from a costly repair is to properly take care of the fuel before storing it for the winter.

While it may seem like a good idea to run the lawn mower dry, that will actually make it harder to start up when spring rolls around again. By allowing your gas tank to remain empty for long periods of time, this leaves a large area for water vapor to condense. This can cause corrosion inside your tank, fuel lines, carburetor and cylinders. Think of it as rust inside your engine.

The solution? Run your tank empty, then fill it with new fuel, allowing the mower to run for a few minutes so that the fuel circulates through your engine.

For more great lawn mower winterizing tips, check out this helpful video:



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