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Thinking Outside the Shed #1

This is a new series we'll be featuring now and then on the blog as our customers come up with new and interesting ways to get the most out of our storage buildings. 

shed made into a produce stand

When is a shed not just a shed? When a customer thinks outside the shed and discovers a creative use to fit their needs. At Hometown Sheds of Virginia, we love when people call, stop by our lot, or visit us online and we can help them figure out which options will make their creativity a reality with one of our sheds or metal buildings.

The perfect example of this was when one of our customers visited us looking for a shed where he could sell his vegetables. After helping him figure out which options would work best for his needs, he was ready to get down to business. Now one of our sheds houses his local produce stand.

Has this example got you thinking outside the shed too? Contact us today and check out what we have to offer. Your creativity plus our wide variety of options can equal an opportunity that's just right for you.

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