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The Secret Is Out - Our Floors Aren't Hiding Anything!

Everyone loves a good secret. At Hometown Sheds of Virginia, we can't wait to share ours:

Each building we construct has quality features hidden in our floors.

Secret #1 - We use 4x6 pressure treated notched runners in our shed floors. By placing the joists inside the notches, we have created a floor system that cannot move back and forth or side to side. In order to provide even more security and prolong the floor life, every other joist is actually bolted to the runner instead of nailed or screwed.

bolted floor joist

Secret #2 - Every shed we sell uses pressure treated 2x6 joists. Spacing these joists at 16" on center provides a secure floor for your shed to bear various types of weight loads. We can also space the runners at 12" on center if you will be using your new shed for exceptionally heavy loads.

Secret #3 - The floor decking we place on our base is 3/4" tongue in groove engineered wood. By bringing together the 3/4" thick wood and the tongue in groove assembly, we have provided added stability to make sure your floor doesn't move when you are walking or rolling things along the floor.

The hidden quality of our floors isn't our only secret we are excited to share with you. Contact one of our sales professionals to find out why Hometown Sheds of Virginia should be your shed builder.

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