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Say "Yes" to the Shed for Your Small Business

You're going to start your own business.

Understandably, this brings forth both feelings of excitement and nervousness as you contemplate this new venture. One of the biggest decisions now is finding the right place to run your business.

What could be the problem?

Should you rent office space? This can be a big expense, perhaps one that cuts too tightly into your budget. Plus, if this is a business you plan on expanding, signing a long-term lease may be a bigger risk than you are willing to take.

Could you start your business from the comfort of your own home? Initially that might seem ideal but when Fido interupts one too many important business calls or Fluffy knocks over your morning cup of coffee, you may began to rethink your location. Another consideration is if you are planning on taking on any employees, how do you maintain the privacy of your personal life?

What is the solution?

Keep the convenience of being close to home as well as the practicality of having a dedicated area for your company by using your own backyard for office space.

A storage shed can provide an attractive and functional solution for your business. At Hometown Sheds, our sheds and wooden storage buildings are some of the best quality units on the market and can be an ideal office space.

How do we know?

One of our customers successfully runs her business as a wedding planner from a storage unit she purchased from us. She is able to help her clients plan their perfect wedding and manage all the other important details of her company from the comfort of her own backyard.

Does this make you want to say "yes" to the shed too?

Browse through our inventory of attractive sheds. We offer a wide variety of features, including multiple color choices as well as front porches. If you don't find exactly what you want in our online catalog, you can even custom order a building by calling 1-877-203-7235 and speaking to one of our storage shed experts.

Say goodbye to the daily commute, the expensive lease, and the aggravation of work infiltrating your home life. Let us help you grow your small business and say "yes" to the shed!

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